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Mobile gaming  2011/1/5
The runaway success of mobile gaming console by Nintendo (DS) and Sony (PSP) has been phenomenal. However, in the past couple of years their market share in mobile gaming has been hit hard by the growing popularity of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch gaming platform. The relatively cheap games with integrated functions and cool design have made the two Apple products a must have for many.
According to some industry analysts gaming will be one of Apple’s main focuses going forward. Nintendo and Sony will not give up their market share so easily without a fight. The Nintendo 3DS, due for release in March, updates Nintendo’s popular handheld console with 3D capabilities. While the Playstation Phone is still a rumour at this stage but there is a growing likelihood that Sony is planning to turn the PSP Go into a phone. Doing so would help the PSP compete with the growing threat from Apple, and it would leave Nintendo in the dust.
If gaming in 2010 has been about consoles, the launch of motion controls by Sony Playstation and Miscrosoft Xbox 360, then next year should be about mobile.